Puncture Repair

The First Step to Repair a Tyre is to Call a Professional

When a tyre needs to be repaired, it is essential to have an authorised tyre retailer or technician remove the tyre from the wheel and inspect it from the inside. It is absolutely necessary because internal damage is not visible while the tyre is mounted to the wheel.

A puncture repair can occur due to a number of reasons the most common being when you run over a sharp object which punctures a hole through your tyre. Most punctures can be repaired but when the puncture occurs on the side wall of the tyre it cannot be repaired.

A professional will:

  • Verify the internal condition of the tyre, detecting any damage not ¬†¬†visible on the surface
  • Ensure the correct methods and materials are used to repair the tyre
  • Ensure the tyre is refitted correctly, optimising handling and comfort