4WD Tyres

We provide a wide range of 4WD tyres at very competitive prices

Being one of the dealers in Australia for Michelin and BFG means we give our customers the best prices for 4wd tyres for all types of application.


While choosing your 4wd tyre it is best to consider the kind of application which you use it for. This is based on where you do most of your travel. Is it:

  • On road: also known as highway; this means that most of your travel is on the highway at least 90% on road and 10% off road.
  • Both on and off road: This pattern is also known as the all terrain meaning it can be used for travel on both off road and highway. If offers about 50% off road and 50% on road
  • Off road: also know as mud terrain; if you do most of your travel on rough terrain then this tyre will definitely suit your vehicle. It offers 20% on road application and 70% off road.

Before you buy your 4wd tyres it is important to answer this question; Where do you travel with your 4wd? If you have answered that question then give us a call and we will be able to find you a tyre that will make your drive smooth, comfortable and worry free.


Please visit the following manufacturer’s links for more information about the 4×4 Tyres they provide:

BF Goodrich

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