Passenger Car Tyres

There is a very wide range of passenger tyres and we at MDT do our best to make sure that we give you best. We have different sizes in different brands and you can be assured of getting the most competitive prices in the market for your tyres. And whatever brand it is you can be sure that we will get it for you.

There are plenty of sizes for passenger cars and whatever size suites your vehicle you can be sure that MDT will provide you with the right tyre. If you don’t know how to check the size for you tyre don’t worry if you click here we will show you how to.


Please visit the following manufacturer’s links for more information about the Passenger Car Tyres they provide:

BF Goodrich

Our stock list is updated daily (on business days) at 8am. Whilst we make every effort possible to maintain a high degree of accuracy in these lists, it is possible that stock levels may have changed from those listed.

We recommend contacting us to confirm stock quantities before you place an order.