Truck Tyres

These tyres are also known as TBR- truck and bus. There are different kinds of tyres for both trucks and buses depending on the application and positioning of the tyre on the vehicle.

It is important to note that most truck tyres are re-groove-able which helps to extend the grip of the tyre.

For truck tyres the positioning of the tyre also determines its tread pattern. There are generally three tyre positions in a truck. These are the steers, drives and trailer tyres.

Steer tyres are positioned at the front of the truck or bus and have a highway pattern. This pattern provides lateral grip and allows for instant breaking in adverse conditions.

The drive tyres are positioned in the middle part of the truck and have aggressive and rigid block design. This design provides tread stability and improves the vehicles. handling on the road.

Trailer tyres are found on the rear end of the truck and have a pattern almost similar to that of the steer tyre.


Red represents the recommended position of tyres.

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